Holding Memories

portraits of gen, lien, sarah, elisabeth, sophia, hannah, & robin kate


in-enlarger double exposure

silver gelatin prints

6 x 6


We decorate our hands with rings, nail polish, and tattoos, all holding memories of our past and contributing to our identities. We adorn our faces with makeup and piercings to express ourselves. But even without all this, I think our hands and faces are still the most unique and revealing body parts. Our hands collect scars and abnormalities that give a glimpse into our personalities, histories, and livelihoods. Our faces often times betray us by letting a fleeting emotion loose. In these photos, I wanted to capture the interaction between these two powerful components of an individual. How does the silhouette of our fingers clenched with anticipation contrast the profile of our nose held up with pride? How do outstretched fingers frame a joyous facial expression? This series allows you to explore the composition that is created when confining one's face within their own hands and what conflicts or harmonies arise.