DO you even skate ?

24 pages

saddle stitch

first edition of 8

35mm photography


FDR skatepark in south Philly is a notorious destination for photographers. Nestled underneath the highway and entirely covered in brash graffitti, the energy is palpable from the minute you approach the towering halfpipe. I arrived here one Sunday morning with the hope to meet female skaters, expanding my project into the murkier realm of masculine environments rather than strictly workplaces. The resulting photos attempt to depict the famous skatepark in a way that positions skaters Ci Ci and Emily at the core, a rarity among the thousands of photos of FDR one can easily find on google images. Acknowledging skateboarding’s strong historic ties to masculinity, I hope these images are a powerful and graphic portrayal of women’s place in what Ci Ci described as an “extremely intimidating” arena. Female skaters often face suppression and belittlement. To combat this dynamic, my images attempt to magnifying their presence in the park, soley exploring the relationship between the individuals and their loaded environment. Before I arrived, Emily was already documenting Cici's runs and tricks on her iphone. As the only female skaters at their park in north Michigan, the pair was enthusiastic about my additional documentation. They hope to use these images to provide representation for other women who are hesitant to start skating.